General Remedies

On this page you will find things that will help you with your suffeting.

You will find things to:

  • Remember
  • Relieve
  • Remedy
  • To Remember

    Here are some truths about suffering for you to always remember.

    Everything Passes!

    Before all, it is always helpful to bear the following truth in mind: "Everything Passes".

    Everything in this life passes. All that has a begining has an end. Difficulties will pass, pain will pass, suffering will pass, events pass, people pass, life passes and even death passes.

    Whatever our suffering is at the moment, it too will pass. If we have made a really huge mistake the consequences of it will pass. Trust in that, it will pass!

    The Bell Curve of Everything

    Everything in life begins,rises to a maximum and then peters off to its end. Our pain and suffering is no exception to this.

    What you are going through now, maybe just starting or on its way to a maximum. But as sure as it reaches it maximum its decline and solution will come.

    To Relieve

    Here are some simple and effective techniques to provide relief to your suffering.

    Upset Emotions

    Simple Yet Effective

    This is a very simple yet very effective remedy when we are emotionally upset, whether it be due to anger, disappointment, criticism, loneliness, hurt feelings, fear or anxiety etc.

    Changing centres displaces the focus of attention from the emotions and places them on another centre. As soon as this shift in focus occurs a certain relief and calm is felt. This is because as a general rule, our focus has the effect of heightening what we feel, becasue more of our knowing and energies flow to the place that we focus on. As soon as we focus on our upset emotions we give them energy and life and that intensifies them.

    Changing Centres

    The way to change centres when our emotions are upset is to whole heartedly engage another one of our major functions, such as our intellectual function or our motor/movement function. Which can be done by engaging in a very intellectual activity or a very motor activity such as sport, exercise or just plain walking. How many emotional storms have been overcoming by walking, running or cycling.

    An intellectual activity could be writing, playing chess, reading, working on the computer etc. It is not as healthy and as refreshing as walking but it can be just as effective.

    Having successfully changed centres allows you a calm and space to see the issue that had you emotionally worked up, from a new perspective.

    Is it True?

    Suffering arises in us when we believe our own negative thoughts or the negative statemenets of others.

    The interesting thing is that most of the time our negative thoughts and the negative words of others are not true or are only partly true. If we were only to realise this.

    A very good way to help us realise this is to ask ourselves the simple question: "Is it true?". This may seem too simple, it is amnd it is very effective if done consciously and sincerely.

    Mental Quiet

    One can always benefit no matter what one feels, from deciding to not think for a short period of time.

    This may seem very strange and even counter productive, but let me assure you that this is far from the case. This is because our thinking is what is causing our suffering. Nearly all of the time, what we feel is due to our thinking. If we were to suspend our thinking just for a moment we would feel fine and well. It is not always the event or the news or what people say that bothers us and causes us to suffer, it is our thinking and our interpretations.

    Not thinking for a certain time (10 to 20 minutes) allows the waves of thought causing our suffering to subside, allowing our natural and normal clarity or at least some of it to appear, bringing with it our normal feelings of well-being.

    Go Above Good and Bad

    We suffer becasue we see something as wrong being done to us or to another that we care about.

    If we can try and go above right and wrong, rising up to the space where it does not matter, where time will pass and it will be washed away.

    To Remedy